Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One week update

Hello there! The fact that this is our first blog post in Nicaragua demonstrates how things here don´t always go according to plan. Our housing arrangements do have electricity and running water, but today is our first hack at the Internet. Things are going well - today is our first full day off, for Mother´s Day. Because of that, all of the Nicaraguan crew who works with us went home, and they all live in Condega, where we are staying tonight. Our crew ranges in age from 19 to 74, and there are 8 in total who work with us. It has been great to have someone to teach us the basics of masonry, which has been the focus the whole time we´ve been here. The tiers are now completed on both sides of the river, and towers are going up tomorrow. It rains here torrentially almost every day, at 2PM, like clockwork. Because of that, the river fluctuates greatly in depth and speed. However, it has been fairly comfortable in terms of temperature, and not nearly as humid as Managua, where it feels like a pressure cooker. Next time this is updated, we hope to get some pictures up to give a better idea of what we are doing...and we´ll update this anytime we have Internet. Peace!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 0

The much-anticipated day of departure is here! The seven of members of NDSEED are leaving from all around the country this morning. After meeting in Houston, we'll all leave for Managua, Nicaragua's capital, where we should arrive this evening. Tomorrow, the work on NDSEED's 4th bridge, in San Francisco, Nicaragua, begins! Our plan is to blog as often as we can, but chances are good that our posts will only be put up about once a week, when we go somewhere with internet access. And so it begins!